Study in Russia

Russia, officially known as Russian Federation (Formerly Soviet Union) is the Euro-Asian country and world’s largest country by surface area. Capital city Moscow is one of the largest and modern cities in the world. Russia is 12th largest economy and a potential super power in the world.

Russian Govt has emphasised highly on education sector especially on science and technology in education, Russian medical, mathematical, scientific, and aerospace research is generally of a high order. Some oldest and largest Universities are situated in Moscow and St. Petersburg e.g. Moscow State University (rated 95th in the world) and Saint Petersburg University.

Education in Russia is a great opportunity for the International students due to low tuition fees, cheaper accommodation/ dormitory (arranged by the institutions), high standard of education, global recognized degrees etc.

We offer students to study Medical Science, Business, Information Technology, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Civil Engineering and many more courses in Russia. We have a close tie with many institutions who are cooperative and responsive to us.

We provide support services to the students who aim to study in Russia. If you want to go Russia as a student you must meet the following requirements:

  1. If you have already completed your Higher Secondary/Bachelor/Masters
  2. If you have proficiency in English Language
  3. If you or your legal guardian are solvent in funding your education

For further information please visit our office for consultation in free or primarily check your eligibility by filling up our online application form.

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