Our Services

Free Consultation:
Our Consultants are here for you to provide free consultation in line with your merit, academic performance, career aspiration, interest, financial capacity etc.

Online Assessment:
This service is also free for the students and guardians. If you or your kids desire to study in a specific country and specific subject please fill-up our online form to get an assessment report. Our experts will assist you to choice your country and subject.

We help you in accomplishing admission in the selected institution in selected country. Our team is in keeping in touch with our partners Colleges or Universities for your holistic supports.

Visa Application:
Our experts work very cordially and sharply in making visa application and documentation according to requirements of the specific consulate/embassy.

Interview Preparation:
Our trainers will guide you and prepare you for interview if necessary (e.g. Skype/ electronics interview by institutions and face to face interview in the consulate/Embassy).

Pre Departure Briefing:
This section of service is informative and very important for the travelers. We provide pre departure information and guide them how they can approach in a right way commencing from the immigration officers.

Post Arrival Services:
Post arrival services include Airport pick up, Accommodation/dormitory facilities. Our partner colleges and universities will arrange for airport pick up service and accommodation or place them in a private
house in a cheaper cost.

Travel and Medical Insurance:
Some European countries regulate or require travel and medical insurance; in this case we guide students to find proper insurance companies to formulate travel and medical insurance.

Travel Arrangement:
We provide travel arrangement service to the students who successfully have been granted visa. We can find for you the lowest/cheapest ticket through our network. This service is for our own students only so that they can travel spontaneously.

Foreign Exchange and Banking:
Foreign exchange and Banking for students are related to admission fees, tuition fees, accommodation charge etc transferring through Bank or International money transfer agencies. We guide and inspire students and their guardians to transfer money matter in a legal and safe way.

Language Training:
We include Language Training service like IELTS preparation, English Language Fundamental Course and Computer Training.