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Welcome to Student Consult Ltd. We are very pleased to add our online support to the service recipients /students/applicants or their guardians and the stakeholders to get information related to Colleges/Universities/Institutions admission, tuition, visa processing and environment and so on. We appreciate online application, queries and free assessment for their eligibility.

Studying in a foreign country or a country of the first world is a great scope to gain new knowledge, experience, new modes of studying, new types of research, broadening outlook, interaction amongst the academic fields and job/business practices as well as different cultural people which will ensure you an influential and potential representation in the corporate world. Studying in a first world’s country will make your status high socially, confident in your career. So, if you are looking for a higher education/prestigious degree in an overseas country, The Student Consult Ltd. is here dedicative to help you. The Student Consult Ltd. is helping since its inception to recruit student in the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany & Malaysia and many other countries. The Student Consult Ltd. is also providing guidance to choice country for higher education to ensure that it is consistent with applicants/candidates future planning.

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